Slip Joints

Series 6500 Packed Expansion Joints are designed for installations where the principal movement is axial. Standard single and dual designs are available 2″ through 24″ diameter with travels of 4″, 8″ and 12″ compression for single designs and 8″, 16″ and 24″ compression for dual designs. Service conditions are 150 and 300 psig, test pressures to 225 and 450 psig respectively. The design temperature for all standard joints is 260 deg C. Welded and flanged end connections are standard, with grooved ends optional. Anchor bases available.

Series 6500 expansion joints incorporate design features that are not available from other manufacturers. They include a one piece body which eliminates a circumferential weld, line bored aluminium bronze metal inner and outer guides, and an optimized sealing system consisting of carbon fiber graphite impregnated braided packing combined with Grafoil® Flexible Graphite injected packing.

Applications include...

  • District Heating
  • ‍Hospitals
  • ‍Petrochemical
  • ‍Steam lines
  • ‍HVAC
  • ‍Marine
  • ‍Power Generation
  • ‍Refineries