Hyspan Barco Ball Joints

Hyspan-Barco Ball Joints provide a safe, effective means of accommodating pipe movements in systems where thermal expansion, shock, seismic, vibration and torsional forces exist. The simple, precision ball-in-socket design handles 15 to 40 deg. angular flex and 360 deg. rotation. Ball Joints can provide additional flexibility in areas where stress concentration exceeds design limitations. Ball Joints are an integral part of the piping system, providing complete flexibility with the integrity and reliability of solid pipe. Hyspan-Barco Ball Joints have been used successfully​ in continuous service up to (1100 deg C) and (170 bar) CE / PED available

They have been tested to 8.3 seismic simulation, API 607 fire tests, meet ASTM F1298, ASME B31.1, B31.3 and ABS approved for marine piping. CE and PED available. Hyspan-Barco Ball joints are available in pipe sizes 1/2″ to 48″, in steel, alloy and N.A.C.E. materials. They are maintenance free, have redundant sealing, and a projected life up to 40 years or more. <br><br> Hyspan Barco Ball Joints provide a method of absorbing pipe movement for applications ranging from steam and hot water pipe expansion, tank and building settlement, seismic isolation, wave motion compensation on oil platforms and drill ships, solar panel movement, oil well riser expansion and safety relief valve escape piping.

Applications include...

  • Handle high-pressure steam and gases
  • Alternative to pipe loops
  • Protect piping and tank nozzles
  • Protect compressor and pump connections from stress
  • Pivot points on high-pressure stationary equipment
  • Protect safety relief valve nozzles from shock and stress
  • Protection of turret swivels on FPSO’s
  • Convenient, flexible connections for well head testing
  • Platform and subsurface piping
  • Riser piping