District Heating

District Heating is the regarded as the best solution to our energy distribution systems. We have the equipment to enable thermal expansion in pipework arrangements to function efficiently and with little maintenance.

SLIP JOINTS ( or Telescopic joints) are commonly used in straight runs of pipe that have no offsets or bends, usually in tunnels, trenches, directly buried or at street level.

The HYSPAN PERMA PAX Series 6500 Slip Joint ( matching old Yarway designs) provide a robust, long life solution where the principle movement is axial, but  ( unlike bellows) allows rotation of pipe. 

Standard single and dual designs are available from 2 inches (50mm) to 24 Inches ( 610mm) diameter with maximum axial compression or travel up to 24 inches. Temperatures to 260 Deg C

Loops as illustrated in the above can be eliminated using Hyspan Slip Joints.

The HYSPAN 6500 Series Packed Slip Expansion Joint can be supplied in standard pipe diameters, welded or flanged ends and with or without anchor base supports.

They incorporate design features that are not available from other manufacturers and provide the lowest resistance force, self- lubrication and precision internal guides. Suitable for Steam , hot water, hot air  and many other fluids. CE Mark, PED ( Pressure Equipment Directive) available 5 Year Warranty. Download the Hyspan Complete catalogue 986E on Series 6500

CE Cert
PED ( Pressure Equipment Directive)
5 year warranty

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